Cambridge Senior Activity Center, Cambridge, MN

Cambridge Senior Activity Center

Our History...


The senior center was first started in the 1960’s as a group to socialize and be neighborly. It was headed up by Mrs. Blaine Barker of Cambridge, MN. The group celebrated birthdays, holidays and cheered each other on to go forward as seniors, living graciously and with purpose. The center was housed in the first Catholic Church building on 3rd Ave NW, which was bought out of a Montgomery Ward catalog.


The base of SAC’s grew starting when the ICCOA (Isanti County Commission on Aging) incorporated in 1983; SAC’s (Senior Activity Center) was in full bloom after that. The growth leadership of that time came under Fran Strodman who was the director over 3 years. Her programs for the seniors contained traveling, parties, health awareness, and senior’s rights. At that time Brian Mallory and Fran started the famous all volunteer SAC’s Breakfast Club, which continued every Friday at 7:30 a.m. under Lewis Leasure’s leadership, until 2019. Fran Strodman retired in 2013 and a new chapter was started.


In 2011 a project was started to relocate the SAC’s Center because of the buildings age and the City of Cambridge was tearing down this old structure. The City offered SAC’s a place at the City Center Mall in Cambridge. Sharon McAndrew and Delores Furo took up the quest of feasibility and found they could do it and make a sustainable business in the center to help defray cost of keeping a center open.


SAC’s became SAC’s Enrichment Center in July of 2014 and opened SAC’s Café in August 2014 under the leadership of Mary Sarault ICCOA Board President and the ICCOA Board and with the help of Barbara Bergwall SAC’s Coordinator and her team.


More information coming soon!